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Jenny has received an overwhelming amount of support from celebrity friends who selflessly offered their time and help in anyway they can. Homeless Worldwide released a single in January 2019 to raise awareness and money for the homeless. The music industry and many artists have supported her on the single, a moving cover of the well known song ‘He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother’ written by Bob Russell and Bobby Scott and made famous by 'The Hollies'.


an attempt to escape the suffering they are having to endure. Some have mental health issues and are lost, they are not receiving the correct help they need and some just can’t afford to live and survive on what they have.  The homeless need our help, next time you walk past someone huddled in a shop doorway, remember it could happen to any one of us, there are so many different ways we can help with food, sleeping bags, clothing and more.

Jenny has been an advocate for the homeless much of her life and having been homeless herself in the past, and losing her beloved brother to homelessness, she understands the difficulties that people are facing daily and the ever growing problem not only in the UK, but globally.


Olivia Buxton

Let's put an end to homelessness, World-Wide...

Ron Brand
Chief Executive Officer. 

Jenny wants to help get a message across, despite facing a mammoth challenge, her main focus is to make a difference and asks everyone to join together and unite and support the homeless in any way they can, however big or small the gesture maybe.

Emily Smith

​Radio Plugger. 


Everyone who is homeless or facing homelessness has their own story to tell, some turn to drugs and alcohol to numb their pain in 

Homeless Worldwide