Let's put an end to homelessness, World-Wide...

Homeless Worldwide

The Ciro Orsini And Armand Assante Children's Fund

 "Ciro and Armand Assante Children’s fund fully support Homeless Worldwide".

Armand Assante

what we do

The charity raises funds to be used exclusively to support children across the world who are in hardship. These children may be orphaned, disabled, homeless or suffering in other ways.

​Meeting the immediate needs of people who have to sleep rough or on the streets.

ciro orsini & Armand Assante

Ciro Orsini 

To promote the relief of sickness, mental or physical disability, stress and of hardship of children anywhere in the world.

Homeless Worldwide and 'The Ciro Orsini and Armand Assante children’s fund' will be working closely together and supporting each other throughout their respective and joint projects.

our collaboration;

our mission is;

is the founder of Ciro's Pizza Pomodoro, a well know figure in the entertainment industry and a Trustee for the Charity.

our aim is ;

To advance the education and health of children by encouraging and assisting the provision of opportunities and facilities.

has distinguished himself as one of the most elusive and yet prolific Actors of his generation.

He is an Emmy Award winner and 4 times Golden Globe nominee.

As well as being a Trustee for this Charity, Armand Assante is also a landmine removal activist.