Supporting Lives Ltd are a Small Organisation that run Supported Living Accommodations for people that find themselves in need of a roof over their head.
We are an expanding business with properties in the South Tyneside and Northumberland areas of the  North-East. We work closely with local authorities like Councils, Charities, Churches and the Police Force in a bid to end homelessness within the communities.


Here at Supporting Lives Ltd, we set our standards high and we thrive off success. 

We aim for what would seem the unreachable and we won't stop until we get there - no goal is unrealistic for us or our residents.

"The harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it."

Managing Director Kevin Kinsella has been active in the property sector for over 25 years, focussing on supported social housing for the last 5 years, helping 100's of tenants on their journey to a better life.

Kevin is a former FCA authorised finance professional who has been involved in thousands of property deals with £100m of deals which were funded as a successful portfolio landlord. 


We provide Support Packages tailored to each individuals needs so we can assist them to overcome any obstacles that may prevent them from living independently, and help develop and obtain skills they may need for their future.

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Let's put an end to homelessness, World-Wide...

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